Brianna Johnson

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I have been extremely fortunate with the mentoring relationships that I’ve had throughout my career. Not only have my mentors been able to point me in the right directions, but…

Deborah Farrar

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I have had the privilege of having some great mentors throughout my life and I couldn’t imagine where I would be without them, so my decision to become a certified…

Karen Zwick

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I like being a mentor because I want to help women, especially women who are in the process of starting a business.  I hope to help them avoid common pitfalls…

Cathy Weaver

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Mentoring to me is critical in seeking objective views on situations, career path, and even perceived or real road blocks. Sometimes it is your mentor who helps you through a tough situation…

Michelle Burnett

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Although it is supposed to be and is very much a professional relationship, I often feel like my mentors have guided me not only on the ins and outs of my…

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