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Melahni Ake

Legacy Leaders
Everyday Leaders Professional Coaching and Consulting

Melahni Ake, is the founder of Everyday Leaders Professional Coaching and Consulting, a Certified John Maxwell Team leadership coach, speaker, and trainer, and as a Certified WHY Institute Agent she helps others Discover their own WHY, Melahni professional influence began at Walt Disney World and carried into financial services, fundraising, and medical device sales and leadership. She believes in the power of our mindset to design our life with purpose. She is A Passionate Leadership Podcast Host of Everyday Leaders 50in50, best-selling author, motivational speaker, and life strategy coach who challenges her clients to dream beyond their limiting beliefs and create better strategic ways to make sense out of the possibilities in front of them to change the world. What she knows is that When you know your WHY, and START with WHY, What You Do has more Impact. You can connect to Melahni at