Meet the Legacy Leaders

Lori Ball

Legacy Leaders, Mentor
Chief Operating Officer, BioIVT
Lab Strategies, LLC

Lori Ball is currently serving as the Chief Operating Officer of BioIVT, an international research solutions company headquartered in Long Island, NY.  Her responsibilities include leading strategic efforts for all 7 business units (23 locations) as well as growing market share and governing all geographic and service expansion efforts.  Before joining BioIVT, she spent several years serving as President & CEO of LAB Strategies, LLC which provides comprehensive business and strategic consulting.  LAB Strategies is focused on advising companies of all sizes in various industries (global and local) on merger/acquisition aspirations, strategic planning, executive development, segment analyses as well as general management challenges and opportunities.  Lori also served as President & COO of BioStorage Technologies, Inc. (governing multiple locations in Europe, Asia, and North America) and was instrumental in navigating the sale of the company to Brooks Automation.

Her entire career has been spent in positions of leadership, high stakes, and hyper-growth environments requiring strategic thinking and bringing people and agendas together.

She has traveled the globe igniting and managing expansion on multiple continents, propelling investment strategies, providing strategic vision and guidance, designing commercial approaches, orchestrating collaborations among industry leaders, envisioning technology & service expansions, designing and implementing operational service structures, and courting clients as well as suppliers in multiple segments all while tasked with delivering shareholder value.

Lori is a published author, an international speaker, has served on industry committees and boards, and is the co-founder of The Global Initiative for the Ethical use of Human Specimens (the “GIFT Initiative”).

Personal facts about Lori are that her first career began in college athletics, she likes driving fast on land and water, she serves on multiple non-profit boards (local and national), and is passionate about mentoring.  To maintain the balance, she enjoys challenges such as barefoot water skiing and creative outlets such as steel sculpture and welding.