Meet the Legacy Leaders

Jennifer Riley Simone

Legacy Leaders, Mentor
Founder & President
Fresh Figs Marketing

After a circuitous career path that had her sitting on town boards, creating political action committees and starting up PTOs, Jennifer founded Fresh Figs Marketing in 2013. With the strong belief that the measure of success includes who surrounds you, she leads a team of talented individuals to pilot the strategy building and implementation for all of her clients. Working with small businesses to create robust marketing strategies that will help them achieve their goals is just one of her passions. She is also training to become a Pilates instructor, an avid cook, oenophile and reader, and raising two young men.

Why Do You Wish to Join the Legacy Leaders? “I view mentoring as a responsibility. Grabbing hold of another woman’s hand and being her partner along her chosen path is something women must do for each other. It is the only way we can continue to make inroads into the upper echelons of business and government. It is the only way we can honor the women who have helped us achieve our goals. I am thoroughly committed to mentoring women in all areas of my life. Mentoring Women’s Network shares that commitment, so is a natural home for my philanthropic efforts.”