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Denise Ochigbo

Legacy Leaders
The Career Mompreneur

Denise Ochigbo is a financial coach, speaker, and all-time innovative finance and marketing leader. She founded The Career Mompreneur (TCM) with a mission to teach others how to achieve financial literacy through budgeting, understanding how to build net worth, wealth, investing, and setting financial goals.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance & Accounting, a double Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Marketing, an MBA in Finance, and a Master of Science in Finance & Financial Markets. She has over 13+ years of extensive experience in finance, accounting, marketing, investing, and strategy.

Denise has appeared on Shemedia as a partnered company, Each one Teach One Podcast, Getcaughtin Anet Radio Show, and Richey WorkForce Inspires Podcast. She has also given motivational talks and was a sponsored keynote speaker discussing how to build financial wealth & net worth for several conferences such as Chicago Legacy Gala 5th Annual Conference, and a guest speaker for a non-profit organization called Healing Center, as well as at the finance department in DePaul University College of Commerce. She is a wife and mom who is currently based out of Indianapolis, Indiana.