Board / Leadership Committees

Danielle Nimtz

Program Manager

Danielle Nimtz is a passionate, not-for-profit professional dedicated to equitable education for all. She is a pragmatic organizer with a demonstrated history in community-oriented activism, multi-generational engagement, public relations, service-learning, self-development, and post-secondary educational affairs. She is an innovator skilled with applicable, evaluative mechanisms that are utilized to build better programming.

Danielle is a nonprofit professional who works toward equity and access in the state of Indiana and beyond. She holds a bachelor’s in Psychology and a master’s from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, where she studied public affairs, innovation, and social change within nonprofits and public organizations.

Skilled in diversity, equity, and inclusion, Danielle recently completed her certificate with the University of South Florida in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace. Her goal is to enhance organizations’ capacities to serve more individuals that are missing the attention and focus of nonprofit work.

Danielle is driven and ambitious and hopes to create more opportunities for her community. Outside of her professional roles she is a mother, a “wife-to-be” and a dedicated volunteer.