Torch Talk Podcast: Moving Sideways

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Most people think that the ideal career trajectory is to constantly be moving forward, getting continuous promotions, and reaching the top of the ladder. It's great to have a goal…

Torch Talk Recap: Emotional Intelligence

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Do you ever wish the people in your life, at home and at work, could better understand your feelings and thoughts? Do you ever wish you could better understand theirs?…

How to Navigate our New Financial Reality: Torch Talk Recap

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Last week, Amanda Rubeck joined us for a Torch Talk about navigating our finances, especially during a pandemic. If you took a step back and re-focused on your finances during the pandemic, you're definitely not alone.

The Value of Becoming an Everyday Leader

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Melahni Ake is a certified leadership speaker, coach and trainer. She helps assess, develop, design, and implement processes that drive impact and influence market potential. In this week’s episode of…

Torch Talk Podcast: Arvetta Jideonwo

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Arvetta Jideonwo is the Executive Director of Bosma Visionary Opportunities Foundation. Bosma’s mission is focused on helping adult Hoosiers who are blind or visually impaired gain the life skills they…

Performing at Your Highest Level: Torch Talk

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This is a difficult time, including in the workplace. It can feel hard to stay motivated and perform at your highest level. This was the topic of the presentation at…

Game Changer! Torch Talk Recap

What does being a Game Changer mean to you? For the last fourteen years, our Torch Talk speaker Brooke Crosley has focused her attention on the human part of business.…

Virtual Torch Talk with Ellen Dunnigan

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We may not be able to have in-person events with the current state of the COVID-19 Pandemic, but we are adapting and rolling out more virtual events to keep you…

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