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May 20, 2015

What is YOUR purpose in Life?

What’s the Point? Ever find yourself wondering, “Why am I here?” or what your true purpose in life is? We ALL have a purpose in life, […]
May 27, 2015

Do What Makes YOU Happy!

Keeping the Happiness in Hope Needing a boost today? No worries we have you covered! Here’s a blog from proud, hard-working mother and blogger Courtney Patterson […]
May 29, 2015

We All Make Mistakes, it’s OK!

Give Yourself the Freedom to Make Mistakes We are all human, therefore we all make mistakes. Read this blog by Joanne Jamis Cain, a woman who deeply appreciates […]
June 3, 2015

Refresh Your Mind: 24 Small Challenges in Only 24 Hours!

24 Challenges to Give You a Mind-Refreshing Day  Are you willing to challenge yourself today? We all have bad days every once in a while, and it’s […]
August 6, 2015

Find Career Success with Mentoring

Find Career Success with Mentoring Janice Spangenburg What does mentoring mean to you?   Mentor (noun): 1. a wise and trusted counselor or teacher; 2. an influential senior […]