In 2014, Pass the Torch for Women Foundation started with a simple idea – get a room of like-minded-women together and see what happens next. What formed was a robust organization whose mission grew to support women as they navigate their professional journeys. In other words, a Foundation whose sole purpose was to Pass the Torch for Women.

The funds raised through individual donations, grants, and corporate sponsorships allow Pass the Torch to provide mentorship, personal and professional development training, and networking opportunities for the women most in need. Our mentoring initiative is braced by a community of individuals who give their time and donate to our organization.

Our Foundation's Mission

We empower women through mentoring, connecting, and investing in them at all stages of their careers. We have a nationwide support network with a common goal of uplifting and empowering women. Our mentoring program allows mentors to connect with mentees from across the nation, providing them with a roadmap to empower women from all walks of life. Join the Pass the Torch community as a mentor.

Who We Are

Pass the Torch is lighting the path for women and leaving a legacy for future generations – and you can be part of the movement. Pass the Torch is a community willing to meet women where they are, ready to empower and support them personally and professionally.

Pass the Torch is a space to learn and grow – all while making relationships, gaining skills, and building the confidence to use them.

We strive to pass the torch to all women, ensuring they know that success is possible and achievable. We have a community where we can create opportunities for each other, together.

What Does it Mean to “Pass the Torch for Women”?

Passing the Torch means reaching back and lifting up women to their full potential. It means always being the catalyst for positive change through mentorship. It means leading by example for your daughter, sister, or neighbor.

At Pass the Torch, we come together as a community, to light the path for women and leave a legacy for future generations.

Our Team



Increase University partners to ten (10) by 2025 to serve more female students

Grow national presence to five (5) cities by 2022

Gain more visibility in the community through media exposure and presentations


Serve 400 students in 2020 by increasing university partnership and funding

Increase 500 Circle membership to five hundred (500) members by 2025

Increase developing professional group to 225 by 2020 to serve as mentors and mentees


Increase Carla Perinne Perry Scholarship Fund to $10K by 2020 to Impact ten (10) students

Increase operating budget to $1M by 2020 through

    • Corporate Sponsors
    • Grants
    • Individual Donors

Help Us Make A Difference

Our shared vision of empowered women in the workforce is supported by fundraising efforts. Funds are directed to our mentoring, and leadership development programming. Corporate partnership opportunities are also available to allow organizations to financially support the vision of equality in the workplace while engaging employees in the cause. Without people like you, we cannot provide positive impacts for women within our community who are developing professionals, single mothers, first-generation college students, from underserved communities, and so many others. We make a difference every single day in a woman’s life, and it is due to the women and men committed to the Foundation who share a passion for growing our future women leaders. Your donation shows your support for the next generation of women leaders.