Mentorship Opportunities

Why Mentoring Matters

Mentoring connects a person who has a wealth of knowledge, experience, and wisdom with someone who has not yet acquired the same knowledge or experiences. It has the power to transform lives and careers by creating positive, long-lasting effects in a variety of personal, academic, and professional environments. Research shows that effective mentoring relationships work to develop leadership skills, gain professional benefits, higher salaries, greater organizational commitment, and high satisfaction with both job and career. Furthermore, personal benefits, such as increases in self-confidence, and ease of work-life integration also stem from effective mentoring relationships.

For women entering or re-entering the workforce, making a career transition, or unsure of where to begin their career journey, a mentor can be of enormous benefit! The opportunity to discuss candidly and confidently concerns, difficulties, and aspirations with an experienced person make a profound difference in a woman’s career trajectory. Pass the Torch empowers women through mentoring, connecting, and investing in them throughout all stages of their career journey. PTTFW programming offers a roadmap of continuous professional growth for women.

Through the use of high-quality personalized matching software based on competencies and experience, Pass the Torch’s mentorship program creates successful mentoring relationships, where both mentees and mentors teach each other valuable lessons.

Mentees who are involved in Pass the Torch’s mentorship program are growing their network and professional skills while also developing the confidence to use them.

Better understand what they need to do to advance professional goals
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Have more clarity about the direction they want to go in their career
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Better understand how to build and maintain a professional reputation
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Work more effectively with colleagues and teammates
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in Being a Mentor?

Pass the Torch mentors are the glue that holds the organization together. By becoming a mentor, you act as an agent of change, dedicating an hour per month to make a positive impact on a woman navigating her career pathway, and achieving new levels of success. Together, with mentorship, we can move the needle for women today and the generations of women tomorrow. 

If you have a passion for mentorship or wish to give back to the community and pass your torch onto someone who needs it most, learn more about becoming a mentor here.

Learn More About Our Mentoring Communities:

All are invited to join the Pass the Torch Community, a place where opportunities are created for each other, together.