Our Developing Leaders program helps female mid-level professionals and aspiring leaders who want to grow personally and professionally by connecting members to an exclusive mentor experience for peer-to-peer and executive leader support, and by providing access to our private member community where you can participate in conversations with other members, access premium content, and benefit from Foundation events plus programming only available for Pass the Torch for Women Developing Leaders.

As a Developing Leader you will:

  • Receive mentorship from an executive mentor
  • Mentor a female college student or Developing Professional, committing 1 hour per month
  • Participate in round-table discussions with executive leaders
  • Get to know Legacy Leaders through attending one Legacy Leader event per year
  • Have access to leadership development tools and self-assessments
  • Have access to leadership opportunities within the Foundation

As a Developing Leader you can expect:

  • Access to a network of peers;
  • Access to a network of Legacy Leaders;
  • Programming specifically designed to enhance leadership and management ability;
  • Opportunities for leadership within Pass the Torch for Women Foundation;
  • Access to a Legacy Leader mentor.

Developing Leaders may be a great fit for you if you are:

  • Already in or on the cusp of a leadership position;
  • Aspiring to continue on your leadership journey;
  • Interested in peer-to-peer learning opportunities;
  • Someone who wants to develop the soft skills required to grow as a leader in your career;
  • Currently a member in the Pass the Torch for Women Foundation Developing
    Professionals group and self-identify as a Developing Leader;
  • Able to make a $250 investment per year to Pass the Torch for Women Foundation; and
  • Willing to serve as a mentor to Developing Professionals during your tenure in the Developing Leaders program.