Career Development

Pass the Torch will help you gain the growth and development needed for you to achieve personal and professional success. Pass the Torch offers robust career development for women through 1:1 mentoring, online leadership modules, educational webinars, podcasts featuring notable guest speakers, and professional development and networking events designed to ignite passion and learning in all career stages.

With an uplifting community, supporting you every step of the way, today can be the day to start investing in yourself. Begin by learning more about each of our different community programs:

Project Grow Program

Our Project Grow program partners with academic institutions to help traditional and nontraditional college students create mentoring plans and build leadership skills through personal development opportunities with mentors nationwide. In addition to providing 1:1 mentoring, Project Grow participants receive peer-to-peer support and have the opportunity to complete theory-based module training for personal and professional development, along with the opportunities to propel their careers post-graduation.

Developing Professionals & Developing Leaders Community

Our Developing Professionals and Developing Leaders community provide the perfect place and opportunities for personal and professional growth. These programs serve to empower women as they navigate their professional journey through mentorship, peer-to-peer support, networking, and leadership development opportunities.

Legacy Leaders Community

Legacy Leaders make lasting change in the lives of the women we serve through their passion to share their knowledge, experience, financial and other resources toward empowering and developing women leaders to live their full potential.

Our Corporate Partnership Program

Mentoring can transform lives and careers. Research shows that successful executives understand the value of mentorship with over 70% of Fortune 500 companies offering mentoring programs to employees. Studies also show that mentoring improves retention, increases engagement, and optimizes employee potential. Pass the Torch offers a Corporate Partnership program to assist companies in increasing leadership development through high-quality structured mentoring programs, all while enhancing women initiatives. Pass the Torch’s mentoring program provides a roadmap for companies to empower women in the workplace, marketplace, and community. Engaging your organization in making strong mentoring relationships a fundamental part of your corporate culture, will benefit every participant and strengthen the success of your company!