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Meet Our New Interns at Pass the Torch!

Pass The Torch is excited to introduce our two new interns, Grace Davis and Lauren Holton! Pass the Torch is so grateful for their dedication to the mission and their desire to empower women at all stages of their career. The team is so excited for all the amazing things to come this spring!


Grace joins us as a new Pass the Torch intern this spring through our incredible partnership with the Gregory S. Fehribach Center. Pass the Torch is so happy to have her bright and kind personality on the team! Grace graduated from Wright State University in April 2023 in Organizational Leadership. A native of Atlanta, Georgia, she loves spending time with her family and friends and watching sports both in-person and on television. Grace has four siblings: an older brother, an older sister, an identical twin sister, and a younger sister.

Grace was eager to join the Pass the Torch team because she believes supporting women no matter where they are in their careers is crucial. She also aspires to work for a nonprofit organization due to the impact nonprofits have had on her life. When Grace was a teenager and going through cancer treatment, two incredible nonprofit organizations supported her: Make-A-Wish and Camp Sunshine. Pertaining to the internship, Grace is most excited about learning how Pass the Torch helps women in various stages of their career. She is also excited to meet more people who are involved in various roles within the organization. She is eager to work within the roles of fundraising, community relations, International Women’s Day projects, and administration.

Grace sees the importance of mentorship, both personally and professionally, through the ways mentorship has impacted her life. Through the Wright Choice program in college, she participated in a career-based mentoring program for college students who have disabilities. Grace shared, “The Wright Choice Mentoring Program did an amazing job at matching me with my mentor. The fact that we both had a disability really allowed us to understand each other on a deeper level. Not only did Leah have the experience in the working world that I didn’t have, but it was great to be able to openly talk about my disability with someone that understands it. Being a person with mobility challenges adds a whole other level to what a person needs to think about in terms of access. I can’t ignore it. We can’t ignore it. It makes it that much more gratifying when I finally get the job or get accepted somewhere – because we’ve always had people that think we can’t!” Pass the Torch is so grateful for have Grace and are excited to work together to enhance community relations and continue to develop effective fundraising strategies!


Lauren is not a new face to the Pass the Torch Community; she is a Project Grow alumna and participated in the first cohort in 2016! Pass the Torch is so excited to welcome her to the program to work behind the scenes in providing empowering mentorship opportunities for women from all backgrounds. Lauren is an incredible mother to her amazing daughter and a current student at IUPUI where she studies Communications. She will be graduating in August of 2024 and looks forward to being involved in communities that share the same passions that she has.

Lauren decided to join the Pass the Torch team because women empowerment is a central part of who she is, and she believes women empowerment is illustrated in such a powerful way at Pass the Torch for Women Foundation. Lauren shared, “Pass the Torch is truly geared to help women evolve through stages and to never let go. It is always transformative.”

Mentorship has impacted Lauren in a variety of ways, but she specifically felt impacted through her time in the Project Grow Program and working alongside Samantha Burke, the current Executive Director. Lauren stated, “The biggest impact I’ve had ever since I’ve been with Pass the Torch is connecting with Samantha. Though Samantha is not listed as a mentor she has been having always been an inspiration to me. When so many doors were shut, the Pass the Torch doors always remained open. Their drive to push women professionally through all stages by having mentors guide them is such a relief knowing that an organization truly has your back.” She is most excited to walk hand in hand with women through this internship to help guide women both personally and professionally. Pass the Torch is so grateful to have Lauren back as an intern and work together with communications and marketing work to effectively spread the mission and make the brand more visible!