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Learn More About Our New Mentoring Platform CME!

We are so excited to be switching to our new mentoring platform, called CME, beginning August 2022! CME (or connect, mentor, empower) is the name chosen for our new platform because it embodies the Foundation’s mission. 


We decided to switch to this platform because…


Pass the Torch CME brings our community together by providing you with access to:

  • Foundation and community member updates.*

  • 1:1 Mentoring opportunities through our formalized program.

  • Career networking and an exclusive jobs board.

  • Exclusive access to peer groups based on interest, industry, and location.*

  • Foundation event invitations and calendar of exciting opportunities to engage.


Pass the Torch for Women is excited to utilize CME as a hub for mentoring information, connections, and organizational updates. It will also help to broaden the Foundation’s network. Our platform allows members to network in a user-friendly way and have full access to the entire Pass the Torch community. 


CME will help facilitate peer-to-peer mentoring by allowing mentors and mentees to be matched based on their commonalities (education, work interests, etc.). With the platform, Pass the Torch for Women hopes to help mentees find their why and to discover their purpose. The Foundation also aims to help mentors pursue and embrace their sense of purpose even further through the opportunities that their role offers.


The platform is a tool that people can use not only to connect with one another, but to inspire and to celebrate one another as we continue to strive towards the Foundation’s mission to empower one another. CME allows for mentors and mentees to cheer each other on as each pair works together to build their own relationship, all on a single platform.


By registering on the platform, you will have direct access to Foundation events and news. CME will be used as a means of creating deeper connections within the Foundation, while also providing mentors and mentees with easy access to all of our programs.


Some perks of joining CME are that members have access to Pass the Torch’s calendar, which includes opportunities to engage with the Foundation and be a participant in its mission to empower women. Members of CME can also access a board of jobs available to only those associated with Pass the Torch for Women.


Our new platform will make 1:1 mentoring opportunities available exclusively to members. This format will make it easier for more personable relationships to develop, which, in turn, will allow for mentees to gain more advice and deepen their skills further. This format creates a collaborative atmosphere where mentor and mentee can work towards their goals together.