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Spring Open House 2022 Recap

Thank you to everyone who attended our Spring Open House. It was a great evening to reconnect with our community of empowered women. Not to mention a fantastic first in-person event for 2022 and has helped us all revitalize our passion for the Pass the Torch mission!

We heard from the newly appointed Executive Director, Samantha Burke, as she expressed her joy to take on the role and grow the Foundation so that all of us can continue to become our best selves along with it. 

We also heard from community committee chairs India Brown and Amna Sohail. These incredible women spoke to the power of the Foundation’s mission and the journeys that got them where they are today with the hope that you will embark on one of your own. 

Most importantly, we had meaningful conversations with you. We heard your stories and connected with your ambitions. Everyone in attendance expressed their gratitude for our community and the mutual support we have for one another. We listened to your aspirations for the future as well as the growth you want to see in the Foundation. 

Attendee Takeaways 

“I loved networking and learning more about the organization. Can’t wait to learn more!”

“It was so great to meet new people!”

“My favorite part was the sense of belonging right when I walked in the door! It was so welcoming.”

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