You are currently viewing Recap Blog: DISC and Communication Styles with Alisha O’Hara

Recap Blog: DISC and Communication Styles with Alisha O’Hara

Speaker: Alisha O'Hara

Alisha is a dynamic, analytical, and creative professional experienced in Learning & Development program design and management across a variety of industries on a national and global scale.


Have you ever had a  professional conversation that made you feel unsure or uneasy? 86% of corporate workers believe that ineffective communication is the main reason for workplace failure. Ineffective communication reduces productivity, increases the difficulty of interaction, and inhibits building trust and relationships.

DISC is a simple model framework based on a person’s external behaviors. Categories are split based on two different axes: Whether a person is active or reserved; or whether they are task or people-oriented. 

Dominance (Active, Task) – Driven, decisive, and result-focused

Influence (Active, People) – Friendly, enthusiastic, and collaborative

Steadiness (Reserved, People) – Stable, sincere, and accommodating

Conscientiousness (Reserved, Task) – Careful, analytic, and systematic

Once you know your DISC type You can begin to identify your strengths, weaknesses, and adapt to become more efficient in the workplace. Start by using the tactics below: 

Communication Styles + Self-Awareness

Recognizing + Adapting to Other Styles

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