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Project Grow: Celebrating Current & Graduated Students

The Impact of Project Grow

Mentoring makes an impact. It helps women build up their confidence, career, and network. Through Project Grow, students have not only been equipped with professional development skills, but also the confidence to use them. 

This month marks the launch of the Project Grow Alumni Association to serve the 801 students who have graduated from the program to-date and provide additional programming to future students!

Pass the Torch for Women is creating an innovative and powerful way for communities of women, galvanized by a shared belief in the value of mentorship and leadership, to come together to fight structural inequality based on gender biases that exist today. This is accomplished by investing in women at all stages of their careers, beginning with underserved adult women college students.
The Pass the Torch for Women Foundation’s Project Grow Program is a mentorship program intended for women college students who wish to achieve their goals for higher education and career advancement.
This is an academic year-long engagement in which students receive free access to the Pass the Torch for Women Foundation mentoring program, monthly leadership development webinars, and modules surrounding personal and professional development topics. Students are matched with mentors for one-on-one sessions to address professional and soft-skill development.

The Project Grow Alumni Association provides relevant programming, a platform for past participants to share their story, and a series of surveys to collect relevant data to show their professional growth. If you are an Alumni interested in joining the Project Grow Alumni Association email for more information.

TESTIMONIALS | Voices of the Community​

“Project Grow was such a wonderful experience for me. It felt very empowering to be connected to so many successful women, along with future industry leaders (my fellow students); never before had I been immersed in an environment where it felt so comfortable to discuss what it means to be a woman either entering or working in the workplace. Hearing that so many successful and competent women have dealt with many of the same insecurities I am fighting really made me feel as though I am not alone.”

“Project Grow has meant a network that is made available to me for support, mentorship, and an oasis of opportunity.  The modules that was made available to me during my cohort were so rich with knowledge, and added value to me as a person.  I could actually take the information and apply it to my every day life.  It was simple enough to understand, yet it could meet the complexity of my lifestyle.” 

“My experiences with Pass the Torch for Women have opened up a lot of pathways to the tech and venture capital industries. I’ve learned a lot from my mentors and other seasoned professionals in the network.”

“Project Grow has made me feel more confident because I know I have a support network of other woman with similar goals and struggles that want to take this opportunity to grow. Honestly, I feel like I’ve had thoughts about continuing my growth but wasn’t sure what the next step was for me. This program reaffirms that I’m on the right track to building my network and career.”

“Project Grow program has influenced me to be a better person, to strive for the impossible and know that no matter what, you have this incredible sisterhood who is there to help you succeed”

Seeing the direct positive impact that Project Grow has had on past and current students is a testament to the great work that is being done every year through this program. Through this unique mentoring relationship, 91% of our mentees reported a better understanding of how to achieve professional goals.

Mentorship Matters

Having a mentor is an invaluable asset – no matter where you are in your career journey. 

Mentoring matters, and it is illustrated throughout many communities. Camille Comet, a member of Western Governors University (WGU), an organization that shares the Pass the Torch vision to support and empower women through their career, says, “Having a mentor can help women organize their day-to-day schedules, create goals, and provide motivational techniques that work for you. Mentorship gives women the one-on-one time with someone who understands your personal and professional circumstances and goals.”  Camille has had firsthand experience of the incredible, empowering effect mentorship has.

Each mentoring relationship is built on the shared value of women supporting women. At Pass the Torch, our dedicated mentors take the pledge because they believe the work we do at the Foundation sends waves throughout our society and rings the bells of equality for women in the workplace.

The Carla Perinne Perry Scholarship

The winner of the Carla Perinne Perry Scholarship recipient will be announced and honored at our Ignite the Torch Event on October 21st

The Carla Perinne Perry Scholarship was created in honor of the late Project Grow student, Carla Perinne Perry. Perry demonstrated success by always offering encouragement to her peers, understanding the value of continued growth and education while showing a kind heart to all that encountered the warmth of her smile.

The scholarship is awarded to a current Project Grow student who has excelled in the program and has demonstrated success. Be sure to register for our Ignite the Torch event and secure your spot to be a part of the celebration!