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Meet Danielle – Our New Program Manager

We are excited to introduce our community to our newest team member, Danielle Nimtz, joining our team as our Program Manager. We asked her a few questions so you can get to know more about her! Read about Danielle below!

Get to Know Danielle!

Tell Us About Yourself!

I’m Danielle! I am an Indy transplant that grew up outside of Ft. Wayne, Indiana. I have worked with organizations that aim at increasing gender equity in the state of Indiana and beyond.

I recently earned my master’s degree from Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis. I studied public affairs, social change, and innovation within nonprofits and public organizations. In my home, I am “Mom” and “Wife-to-be”. In my free time you can find me skating, trying anything vegan, or hanging out with family.

Why Did You Join the Pass the Torch Team & What Are You Looking Forward To?

Joining Pass The Torch for Women Foundation means that I get the opportunity to invest in the continued closure of the gender gap – of pay, access, and parity. We move closer to authentic and essential equity when we connect, mentor, and empower all women and gender-expansive folks. As a thoughtful harmonizing futurist, I plan to implement comprehensive programming and evidence-based outcomes with the Foundation and the communities we serve. These programs can uplift individuals, enhance skillsets, and empower groups to their fullest potentials.

How Has Mentorship Impacted You & Why Do You Pass Your Torch?

There wasn’t a point in my professional path where there wasn’t a supporter mentoring me to my potential. “Passing the torch” is a practice- a goal to continue the legacy. I am excited to start this role to continue that legacy and join the cause in lighting the path forward.