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Your Purpose Puzzle Starts With Why: Torch Talk Recap Blog

Starting with WHY is the essential first step to discovering your life’s purpose. In this Torch Talk, we had the opportunity to hear from Legacy Leader and founder of Everyday Leaders Professional Coaching and Consulting, Melahni Ake! She taught us about what part of the brain is responsible for the development of our WHY and HOW it shows up in our everyday lives! 

When we start with “why”, it starts with how we are communicating.  What we believe is how we really represent ourselves in the world – how we dress, how we think, and how we attract the people in our inner circles. Who do we want to attract? By better understanding our “why” we can be better communicators to those around us and those we want to attract.

The Purpose Puzzle

If you know the center part of your why– why you exist, why you react the way that you do – you can start to put the puzzle pieces of your life together.

It is important to understand what part of the brain is responsible for the development of our why. Melahni taught us how the Neocortex and Limbic parts of the brain work and how it is important to understand when communicating with others. When we want to be understood we typically talk in logistics and through the use of data. This rational and analytical thought and language is in the Neocortex. To build trust and loyalty, and communicate in a way to connect on an emotional level, the Limbic part of the brain is used.

This is why the language that we use is so important. When we learn more about ourselves we can start to react and respond and be more effective in the world we live in because we start to understand that not everybody sees things the way we do.   

The 9 WHY's

The origins of The 9 Whys are the work of Dr. Gary Sanchez. It is a construct of 9 motivations that most people identify with as their primary ‘purpose’/’why’ in life.

The 9 WHY’s support leading with your WHY in both business and personal life. Finding out “why” you do what you do is important because when you know your “why”, what you do has more impact.

Which WHY is yours? Visit Melahni’s website to learn more on how to find your WHY, so that what you do has more impact!

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