You are currently viewing Legacy Leader Event Recap Blog: Rebound 2021 Beat Burnout by Charting Your Path of Mindfulness and Wellness

Legacy Leader Event Recap Blog: Rebound 2021 Beat Burnout by Charting Your Path of Mindfulness and Wellness

At this Legacy Leader event we had such amazing conversations with our three special guest speakers, April Ervin, Amy Douglas, and Eliza Kingsford. Together they discussed how we can all beat burnout through a path of mindfulness and wellness, so that we can take care of ourselves and remain productive in our professional lives!


April Ervin

Leadership Burnout and Resilience Expert, Author of “The Burnout Factor on Education” and “The Burnout Factor on Leadership”

April discussed three different strategies to help overcome burnout! 

Strategy One: Reset Your Leadership Pace 

  • Think about finding your “forever pace” which is a sustainable pace for personal and professional positive development 
  • Practice incorporating more Grace, Patience, Empathy, and Flexibility with yourself
  • With the new virtual world due to COVID, taking mental health technology breaks can be very beneficial 

Strategy Two: Emotional Health

  • Focus on breathing to help calm your nervous system
  • The breath is constantly breathing in what we need to support our body, and out what we don’t need. Practice doing this for your emotional body
  • Maintain mindfulness to allow yourself to live in the moment in order to help reduce stress and increase overall happiness

Strategy Three: Physical Health

  • Taking care of yourself first through physical activity. This can be from incorporating simple daily exercises such as walking and breathing, as well as, staying up to date on doctor’s visits
  • Take a strategic pause because it’s okay to take a break
  • Lessen any needs to prove yourself because self worth comes from within

Amy Douglas

Certified Health & Wellness Mindset Coach, Digital Course Creator, and Speaker, sharing "How to Get Out of Your Own Way to Get What You Want!"

Amy emphasized the importance of a healthy mindset and how to achieve one! Here’s the tips and advice that Amy shared:

  • Mindset: collection of thoughts and beliefs that shape your way of thinking
  • Your thoughts and words become beliefs when said out loud so therefore your thoughts create your reality (conscious or unconscious)
  • Transform fear into a new acronym: Face Everything and Rise
  • Work on shifting and reprogramming your vocabulary 
    • Should → If I really wanted to I could
    • Can’t → Won’t 
    • Have to/ Need to → Get to
  • Once you are aware of your way of thinking, you can begin to take action by incorporating positive changes
  • Make an honest assessment of how you’re spending your time and if it’s not empowering then stop, reset, and create changes to make your time more meaningful 

Eliza Kingsford

Psychotherapist and Mind/Body Practitioner Speaker, Presenter, and Author of "Brain Powered Weight Loss"

Eliza talked about the importance of how we view ourselves and how to improve our own perceptions for the overall betterment of our physical and mental health! Here’s what Eliza shared:

  • It’s important to work towards accepting that our brain is a machine and has an operating system 
  • Recognizing bad behavior habits begin to help us become aware of them and reduce such behaviors 
  • The idea of “rock bottom” helps us become aware of the situation and understand that a shift is needed 
  • Avoid using pessimistic language such as “can’t” or “not”, but rather use “I am” statements to reset your mindset in a positive way
  • “I am” statements are great to speak into existence but they need to be intentional