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How Mentorship Has Impacted My Future

Sunday March 7th, 2021 will be remembered as the day that I made the commitment to continue my post-secondary education at Purdue University. While the decision was scary to make, I recognize the excitement that dances around in the form of new opportunity with this new chapter of my journey. Do you remember the last time you embarked on a new chapter in your life? We have all encountered various milestones, some that may have even felt extremely intimidating. As I reflect on the new turn of the page for my life, I am more grounded because I have my loved ones beside me. Many different events have led me to this point and I realize I am here today committing to the college of my dreams because of the support and encouragement I received from many, what I now identify as mentors.

Much of our past helps shape who we are in the present. I experienced many challenges when I was younger, primarily related to the exposure of substance abuse and mental health issues in family members. My mother lost her battle with addiction in 2010, and that changed the course of my life completely. My father and I are no longer in touch anymore because of his mental illness. Growing up with such an understanding of loss and all that accompanies it has shaped me into someone who finds inner happiness through being there for others in need. Reflecting on my time spent in therapy as a younger child ultimately led me to my decision to major in psychology. At the young age of seven years old, my experiences of therapy, along with all the cornerstone lessons it taught me, morphed into a passion. I would get lost in the vision of spending my life in a career focused on helping others who have had similar life experiences, resulting in dismantling barriers and encouraging others to process and grow as a result of their journeys.

When pondering what college would best suit me, Purdue University instantly came to mind. I have past memories of visiting my aunt on campus, and falling in love with the academics and culture within the school. Through my internship at Pass the Torch, I have been fortunate enough to gain the opportunity to connect with a professor at Purdue. My mentor, Kasie Roberson, a Clinical Assistant Professor at the Krannert School of Management, provided me with insight on the campus in regards to the psychology program and the opportunities that I will be provided with.

The positive mentor relationships that I have had throughout my life have prepared me for new experiences today. I have learned an immense amount of advice from my mentors and I have been able to put everything into practice, with big decisions such as committing to a college. My current mentor, Kasie, helped illustrate how incredibly important mentorship is by saying,

“It is a privilege to mentor Libbie Lawson, who recently committed to attending Purdue University this fall. I know firsthand the importance of having encouraging female mentors and how that positively influenced my life. It is such an honor to “pass the torch” to Libbie. In just the few months I have worked with her, I can tell she is a smart and driven young woman who has a very bright future in front of her at Purdue and beyond.”

Kasie’s insight has allowed me to grow and be excited for my college career. I am so extremely fortunate to have had such amazing mentors in my life that have helped prepare me for success. I can confidently say that mentorship has given me the utmost guidance and faith in my future, and I could not be more thankful for the opportunities I have been given. I am extremely prepared and excited to continue my education at Purdue University in hopes of becoming a psychologist someday. I cannot wait to “pass my torch” to the wonderful people I encounter throughout my future.

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Blog contribution by Libbie Lawson Pass the Torch Intern