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CEO-Deb Hallberg Shares Her “Why”

A question many of us seem to be focusing on as we being to creep out of isolation is “Why?” Why do we do what we do every single day. Is it for money? Accolades? It’s a job? It pays the bills?

Please allow me to share a little about my why. Growing up, my first mentor was my dad. He worked a white-collar job in a bank and had moved up the ladder to be in charge. Fast forward to my first real job after college, in a law firm, where lots of men were in charge. I stayed in the legal/law firm industry for the majority of my career and it was many years before there was a female in any type of management role. My passion became helping young women navigate their way to a seat at the table with a voice to make a difference. I did this through mentoring and connecting. This is why I love what the Foundation stands for and the positive impact that occurs every day for women within the Foundation’s community.

My hope is this brief story resonates with you enough to move you and motivate you to get more involved with the Foundation, but to also encourage the women around you – peers, colleagues, family, friends – to contact us to discover her why.

– Deb Hallberg, CEO of Pass the Torch for Women Foundation

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  1. Melahni Ake

    When you know your WHY, What you do has more impact!

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