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Own Your Own Financial Future: Torch Talk Recap Blog

Finances are something that can control our lives, and many times, we would rather just avoid thinking about them. However, controlling our finances can give us a lot of freedom financially and in other aspects of our lives. 

In this Torch Talk, we had an amazing conversation with Nicholle Overcamp about how to own your own financial future. Nicolle Overcamp is the founder and CEO of Wilcox Financial Group, LLC. One of her many passions is to help women feel empowered by having financial freedom and feeling confident about their financial future. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help! Prioritize Yourself!

Asking for help does NOT mean you’re helpless! Everything can be figured out – be comfortable with being uncomfortable and make the leap to talk to someone. 

Also, you are your number one priority! It’s okay to say no and set healthy boundaries. People who look up to you will learn from you. This, in the end, will be a healthy and necessary step to gain financial freedom. 

3-Legged Money Stool

Physical health + mental health + financial health = healthy and confident lifestyle. Try to slow down and figure out your purpose to be more strategic with your spending habits. Sticking to a routine and having healthy habits in other aspects of your life will overall make you feel more confident. 

Create a Plan – Spending, Investing, Retirement

Many of your financial goals may be daunting, but Nicholle emphasized that in order to know what to save, you need to understand what you’re spending. Be as specific with your goals as possible – have a timeline, amount of money needed for your goal – and from there, create a monthly plan that works for you.


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