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Torch Talk Podcast: Moving Sideways

Most people think that the ideal career trajectory is to constantly be moving forward, getting continuous promotions, and reaching the top of the ladder. It’s great to have a goal of moving up, but the path there is often not straight. And that’s okay!

In the latest Torch Talk podcast we talked with Audrey Mydosh, the 2VP of Enterprise Risk Management for Nassau Re, about this very subject. Her career path involved some sideways movement, but it helped her get where she is today!

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Torch Talk Podcast: Don’t be afraid to try new opportunities

As Audrey describes in the podcast, pursuing diverse opportunities and maybe even a variety of career paths will help your career, not hurt it. Throughout her career, shes has had more than 20 job titles in at least 4 career paths, including as a lawyer, in cyber security, risk management, and more.

Her diverse experiences helper her gain a wide range of skills that are important and applicable across industries. She learned to be open, and take opportunities that were presented to her if they seemed like a good fit– even if it was different than what she was doing in the past.

If you’re going through a career change, focus on the opportunities for growth! Your career’s winding path will help you meet more people, make more connections, and gain more skills.

Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

Whenever you move into a new position, there will be things you don’t know. This can make it hard to feel confident. Audrey experienced Imposter Syndrome throughout her career, as do many women. The important thing is to focus on what you can do, rather than what you know. Knowledge can be learned. But your work ethic, dedication, thoughtfulness, and other hard-earned skills? That’s all you.

Most Importantly, Be Kind

Above all else, an essential part of building a strong career is being kind and respectful. Whether you’re starting a brand new role, or you’ve been in the same company for years– fostering a kind, and supportive community will help everyone thrive.

In the end, your career may take you all over. But if you focus on building a community and networking, gaining new skills, and pursuing opportunities– you’ll get far.

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