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Torch Talk Recap: Emotional Intelligence

Do you ever wish the people in your life, at home and at work, could better understand your feelings and thoughts? Do you ever wish you could better understand theirs? This is a valuable skill, and it’s hard to do! In our recent December Torch Talk, Caroll Nelligan discussed emotional intelligence and awareness and how it relates to all parts of life– including work. Carroll is a certified executive emotional intelligence coach, as well as an experienced executive and Legacy Leader. She recommends the Bar-On EQI Emotional Intelligence assessment to provide insight into the “why.” EQ not only tells you how you are wired, but also tells you why you are wired the way you are.

High EQ individuals understand the chain reaction that occurs that brings about their emotions. They also can explain why they are experiencing certain feelings without blaming someone else. Many people aren’t as emotionally aware as they think they are– in a group of surveys researchers found that 95% of people think they are emotionally aware, when only 10-15% actually are.

So how do you build emotional intelligence? By taking time to recognize and be present with your own emotions. Prioritize spending time with yourself! Practice mindfulness. And whether you’re at work or at home, focus on being a good listener. It’s also important not to forget to be open with others– ask for feedback if you’re feeling unsure! Explain what you’re feeling without shame. And don’t be defensive, your emotions are valid.

Stay tuned for our next Torch Talk, to continue learning valuable skills and ways to find balance!