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Gratitude Roundtable Recap Blog

Gratitude may seem like an unusual thing to research in business, but for Tanya Zion it first sparked her interest as a parent. In teaching gratitude to her kids, she realized how valuable gratitude is in combination with mindfulness. Tanya Zion is a lawyer, strategist, and the creator of Benchmarked Coaching. She is a regular speaker and has led programs for numerous Fortune 500 companies and legal organizations.

In mid-November, Tanya hosted a virtual Gratitude Roundtable with members of our community. It was an opportunity to learn about cultivating gratitude in the workplace, discuss gratitude practice, and network with others! Tanya also discussed how to start a habit of writing in a gratitude journal.

The Impact of Gratitude at Work

The group discussed how impactful it can be to prioritize thankfulness in the workplace. When you make an effort to express gratitude to your employees and coworkers, people feel valued. And when people feel valued and respected at work, that makes for a stronger work environment.

How to Share Gratitude

“Gratitude is that pause. It’s being able to recognize that without these things, your life wouldn’t be as enriched.” In order to express gratitude effectively to others, remember these points: Your expression of gratitude should be genuine, intentional, timely, it should be expressing your feelings, and it should be specific.

If you are interested in beginning a practice of gratitude in your life (and at work!) listen to our recent podcast episode with Tanya.