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Bring Your Gratitude to Work: Torch Talk Podcast

Tanya Zion is a lawyer, strategist, and the creator of Benchmarked Coaching. She is a speaker and has led programs for numerous Fortune 500 companies and legal organizations. Her training and coaching have been utilized by 100s of professionals to improve their selling and communications skills.

Tanya joined us for our latest episode of the Torch Talk podcast, to discuss a powerful tool that many people don’t associate with the workplace… gratitude. Listen here!

The Power of Gratitude

We already know how to thank you. And we know the difference between an obligated thank you, and a genuine, warm, appreciative expression of gratitude. There have been studies that people who regularly practice gratitude are healthier overall— physically and mentally.

When we think about building strong teams, at home and at work, practicing gratitude is an important tool.

Make Gratitude a Pattern

The human brain loves patterns. One of the most powerful ways to implement a new healthy habit, is repetition. Whether you’re driving to work or brushing your teeth, challenge yourself to take a few minutes to be thankful each day.

Also, make a point to express your gratitude openly to the people around you. Tanya did an experiment, where she tried to be as specific as she could with her gratitude everyday. Whether she was thanking her coworker or an employee at the grocery store, she made a point of telling them that the work that they do matters and naming a very specific way that they impacted her.

If you’d like to implement a gratitude practice in your life and work, listen to the full podcast to hear more of Tanya’s stories and advice.

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