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Torch Talk Podcast: 5 Truths about Career Success

At the age of 37, Marla Holdread suddenly found herself divorced, jobless, and managing life as a single mother with two young kids.  She knew she had lost her way.  It was time for a reinvention.  
 Today, after 10 years of trial and error, missteps and failures, and “learn as you go” lessons, she is now an Executive Coach, Career Strategist, and Founder of Shift Leadership.  Her passion is helping other stuck and unfulfilled professionals to make a positive shift in their own careers. She shared her wisdom with us on the latest episode of the Torch Talk Podcast.

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Marla created her unique methodology and coaching program, The Career Revisionist, as a framework for clients to go from waking up exhausted, frustrated, and dreading work, to feeling confident, energized, and leaping out of bed each day.  She whole heartedly believes that each of us deserves to feel alive and aligned with our work, and she is on a mission to reinvent career experiences for professionals around the globe.

In this episode of the Torch Talk Podcast, Marla discusses ways to know yourself first and define what success looks like for you. She also points out the importance of establishing your personal brand, and how to build your professional network. Having a tribe of supporters and mentors is an essential part of building a career.

Throughout our conversation, Marla also emphasized the importance of scheduling time for yourself to stop, reflect, analyze your situation, and adjust your path as needed. As we change and evolve throughout our lives, it’s normal for our careers to change and evolve with us!

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