Why COVID-19 has made mentoring for women a must

In a recent article for the Human Resource Executive, Jen Colletta discussed how mentoring for women is more important than ever to ensure women don’t fall behind in their careers due to the pandemic.

Challenges for Working Mothers

“Recent research has shown pandemic-related challenges to be dramatically higher among women than men. One study found that depression levels among working women increased by 83% between February and July, compared to 36% for working men. The ongoing childcare crisis is also largely being shouldered by working mothers” the article states.

Before the pandemic, some companies were beginning to acknowledge the strong need for mentoring and professional development for women in order to level the playing field in male-dominated industries and within leadership roles. Due to the challenges the pandemic has caused, those programs need to be prioritized more than ever, not pushed aside.

Prioritize Virtual Mentoring

The article also called for employers not to wait until they return to in-person work to implement a formal mentoring program. Mentoring is not limited to in-person meetings– and when virtual meetings and phone calls are brought into the equation the possibilities for successful mentor matches are expanded.

What We Offer

At Pass the Torch for Women Foundation, we haven’t missed a beat when it comes to providing mentorship and support to women during the pandemic. We set our mentors and mentees up for success with online resources, and a series of Virtual Torch Talks. If you’re looking to get involved with mentoring, or implement a mentor program within your company, email us at info@passthetorchforwomen.org.