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Why Colleges Should Be Supporting Students With Mentors

By Harmony Moua. Originally published on

Types of Academic Mentoring

Career Mentoring

According to Millennial Branding, 57% of students wish their schools offered more networking opportunities. That’s where career mentoring comes in. This mentorship program pairs students with an alumnus or professional in their field of interest who can offer them career advice, networking skills, or a possible career path to follow.

This valuable and engaging opportunity gives students a competitive edge post-graduation, increases their job placement opportunities, and enables students to expand their professional networks.

Peer Mentoring

For many new college students, transitioning to university life is daunting, especially if you might be the first person in your family to go to college. It can be scary. It’s a big change. Peer mentoring helps students connect with other students like them who can help them feel more at home while in college. This can be done through support, guidance and encouraging them to participate in activities or connect with other students at the school.

Peer mentoring is especially popular for transfer students, international students, and veterans who sometimes feel isolated from the rest of their peers. It can help keep at-risk students inspired and engaged by providing deeper support, creating a more successful student experience, and enabling students to gain valuable leadership experience as mentors.

Alumni Mentoring

When students strongly agree that their college prepared them well, they are nine times more likely to be attached to their alma mater, according to the Gallup-Purdue Index. Alumni find mentoring students in their alma mater to be a very meaningful and rewarding experience. This type of mentoring also gives students access to a global network of professionals who have valuable knowledge and insight when it comes to life after graduation. It also offers students a new way to network in their chosen industry.

Alumni mentoring is a great way for universities to educate and support students while creating a stronger bond with alumni. This mentoring program promotes deeper engagement with alumni and inspires them to give back with a meaningful volunteer opportunity.