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Becoming Unstuck: Torch Talk with Denola Burton

Denola Burton is an entrepreneur who founded her own business, “Enhanced DNA: Develop. Nurture. Achieve.” She joined us for our latest Torch Talk podcast episode with advice on adapting and becoming unstuck during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially as business owners. Here are some highlights!

Denola’s Journey

Before Denola founded her business, she worked at Eli Lilly. While her background was in the sciences, she found an unexpected love for working in HR and decided to stay in that field for the rest of her career.

When she retired in 2017, Enhanced DNA was born. Through her business, Denola is a speaker, trainer, and coach for non-profits. She was inspired to start her business while thinking about how she could apply her favorite parts of her HR career after leaving Eli Lilly.

She takes the best parts of everything she loves, and now uses them to help nurture others. “That’s really what makes me tick. That’s the joy I get— being able to see the difference that I’m making in the lives of those individuals and the organizations that I work with.”

Adapting to the “New Normal”

Everyone is having to think about how to sustain their businesses during this unusual time frame. For many people, this will involve a pivot, or embracing changes to their business in order to adapt. For Denola, she began to focus on publishing, and helped other people publish their books.

Part of the pivot she’s taken this year, is prioritizing learning more about publishing and investing more in the publishing side of her business. “Use this as a strength,” she said.

Listen to the rest of our inspiring conversation with Denola Burton HERE!