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Dealing with Zoom Fatigue

Video meetings are a useful way to stay connected from home, but they can start to feel exhausting after a while. If you are experiencing Zoom fatigue, here are two useful blogs about overcoming Zoom fatigue and making Zoom meetings more meaningful and productive.

1.) 5 Ways to Beat Zoom Fatigue

“Have you ever felt that satisfying relief when you finish the last Zoom call of the day, then suddenly wonder: why am I so exhausted? What you’re experiencing is not anything out of the ordinary or different from what millions of other people within the WFH (work from home) workforce are also feeling; it’s called Zoom fatigue, and no one is immune to it. With the introduction of virtual tools to assist with telecommuting, Zoom fatigue is something many are currently fighting during the COVID-19 crisis.

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2.) The secret to making Zoom meetings meaningful for you and your coworkers

“In a phone call with longtime mentor Jane Dutton, a professor of business administration and psychology at the University of Michigan, he discussed how to bond virtually with coworkers, the opening question you should ask instead of “How are you doing?”, and why it’s OK — even good — to let them see the dirty dishes in your kitchen sink.”

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