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Pass the Torch Day: Get Involved!

Although we have made a pivot to virtual programming, we are working hard to ensure our community has access to engaging events all week. In honor of National Pass the Torch Week, we wanted to provide a space in which our followers could find all the incredible ways they can get involved. Nonprofits rely on human capital and financial capital, and we are so grateful to our members who give.

So what are some things you could do to be part of our human capital?


Mentor a student in Project Grow: As a Project Grow Project Growmentor, you’ll mentor a student one-on-one, help them with personal and professional development, and help them propel a carer post-graduation. This fulfilling mentorship program provides mentees with a rolodex of accomplished professionals dedicated to empowering women before their careers even begin!

Developing ProfessionalsDevelop your own career while mentoring a young woman in college in our Developing Professionals program: Community members in Developing Professionals are in a unique position mentoring others while still receiving mentorship from executive mentors! Entry- and mid-level professional women can excel in this program by helping develop a college student’s skills and professional goals, while achieving her own.

Counsel a mid-level professional woman on the Developing Leaders
cusp of leadership in Developing Leaders: In our newest mentorship program, you have the opportunity to help a woman grow her career in leadership while creating a bond. This brand new one-on-one program is ideal for successful executives with a passion for Passing the Torch.

Legacy LeadersBecome a Legacy Leader to have the biggest impact on women in your community: Top industry leaders can become Legacy Leaders to impart their long-earned wisdom and advice onto our mentees. This elite group is comprised of entrepreneurs and executives that have a drive to develop up-and-coming women leaders.


Please consider donating to help us empower women like Andrea and all our inspiring mentees. Click here or text “PTT2020” to 44-321 to pass your torch today!

Pass the Torch for Women is continuing to develop new programs that better women in our community, we cannot thank you enough for being part of that. Sign up for ours newsletters below to stay up-to-date, and stop by our website today to see what you can do to be a part of the impact we have!