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Why Ignite for Women?

With just one week to go before our exclusive simulcast Ignite for Women launches, we wanted to dive deeper into why we wanted to put on this project in the first place. Ignite for Women is all about empowering and supporting women in all areas – our incredible speakers represent women in politics, women in STEM, women in nonprofits, and more. So just what do they all have in common? It’s simple: a passion for uplifting the women in their communities.

As we finalized our diverse list of speakers, we found a common thread through them all: a firm belief that it’s time for women to have a voice, and an unwavering dedication to make room for that. Our inspirational speakers work hard to create spaces that support and empower the women in our communities.

Join us on Wednesday, June 17th for the Ignite for Women Simulcast to hear from keynote speaker Jennifer Magley, First Lady Janet Holcomb, and more! Learn how you can be a source of illumination for the women in your life! Click here to register.