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Positioning Yourself for the Next Opportunity: Podcast Episode 2

For the second episode of the Pass the Torch for Women Podcast, host Amna Sohail is joined by Anna O’Nan and Ingrid Arreola to discuss how to position yourself for the next opportunity. Anna is a mentor and is the Chief Financial Officer at Baker Hill, and Ingrid is a Developing Professional and Data Analyst at IU Health.

To start the episode, Amna asked both guests what 2 or 3 strategies have helped them position themselves for the next opportunity. 

Take on New Assignments 

Anna talked about the importance of taking on new tasks and assignments in the workplace, in addition to your core job responsibilities. Doing so will allow you to build new experiences and make yourself known throughout the company. She stressed the importance of being conscious of what kind of employee people are looking for: “Seek out new opportunities, new assignments and know what people are looking out for and what they need. Is your company going through a big change? Are you able to handle your own emotions while also helping those around you, and your company get to the next stage?”

Practice Building Your Network

Ingrid stressed the importance of networking, which is something she has gained lots of experience with lately. Ingrid has completed over 40 informational interviews over the last several months, many of which she was connected to through Pass the Torch.

“As I’ve reflected on how I’ve spent my time preparing for next opportunities, these are the two biggest things: 1.) Learning new things that my previous role didn’t allow me to do. I tried to learn even outside of my job. 2.) I wanted to build relationships. I’ve had over 40 informational interviews over the last few months to learn more about the field and what kind of role and industry I want to be a part of.”

Anna and Ingrid then went on to discuss Linked-In networking strategies, and the complications that come with transitioning to new roles and companies.

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