Torch Talk: How to be a Person of Influence

In early 2019, Pass the Torch for Women Foundation (PTTFWF) established the bi-monthly TorchTalks program, a yearlong discussion series for Developing Professionals. TorchTalks are a chance for Developing Professionals to network and open up with Pass the Torch seasoned professionals in order to gain knowledge on navigating their career paths as well as having a platform to ask questions.


On Wednesday, September 11, 2019, guests gathered downtown at Metazoa Brewing Company to hear and identify a heuristic approach on “How to be a Person of Influence” from PTTFW Board Members Stephanie Ewing and Amanda Bremmer Babic. The panel discussion was moderated by Samantha Burke, who serves as the Vice President of Programming and Development on the PTTFW team!


Both panelists were asked “What does being a person of influence mean to you?” Stephanie believes that influence is getting people to trust you and knowing who you are. She prioritizes trust, trusting in yourself enables the ability to silence your fears, to know what you’re good at, and helps you to play into your strengths. Amanda believes that being of service to others is to be a person of influence. Being kind and respectful to others, potentially being a liaison, will help to be a person of influence to others. 


Other key takeaways from this Torch Talk include:

  • “Nobody cares about how much you know, until they know how much you care”
  • Everything you say yes to means that you say no to something else
  • You cannot be perfect for everyone or everything, but in being yourself and allowing forgiveness onto yourself, will attract the tribe of “your” people
  • Practice being okay with extroversion, and before an event or situation where influencing others is possible, give yourself a pep talk. Be confident!
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  • Recommended book: Presence by Amy Cuddy 

Both women also shared their experiences with Pass the Torch for Women as well as how they have thoughtfully exerted influence in the workplace. These are some uplifting and influential women, who we were so lucky to hear from. Thank you Stephanie and Amanda for an amazing and informational evening! We look forward to learning more from you!


Please join us for our next Torch Talk, “Positioning Yourself for the Next Opportunity” on Wednesday, November 13 at 7:45am.