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Mentee Spotlight: Amna Sohail

While mentors are often thought of as the ones providing the advice and guidance in a mentorship relationship, mentees can also be a huge source of inspiration. They all have unique stories to tell about overcoming the odds, figuring out their careers, and progressing despite roadblocks. One of the biggest roadblocks for young professionals is having to address financial needs while balancing the pursuit of their career. It’s hard to dedicate time to professional development and networking when you have a child at home, or when you have medical bills to pay.

Our mentees are our motivation. We’re going to help mentees by providing them with a safety net– a need-based mentee fund– to get them through hard times and allow them to stay focused on their career. We are raising money for the fund and honoring mentees along the way by featuring one of their stories each week. 
This week we are sharing Amna Sohail’s story.

Meet the Mentee

Amna Sohail is the president of the Developing Professionals Committee, and is therefore very involved in and passionate about the Pass the Torch for Women community.

Amna is also an analyst on the on the business design and corporate innovation team at High Alpha. High Alpha is a venture studio that combines company creation with venture capital.

Amna has found Pass the Torch for Women to be very helpful in connecting her with women of all industries, but especially within her own industry, which is traditionally male dominated. “I think the biggest challenge, and frankly opportunity, is to see more women in my industry rise as leaders and become company founders, CEOs, and partners at investment firms,” Amna said.

How Mentorship has Impacted Her

Amna believes that young women need female role models at all levels of leadership in all industries– that way they will be able to see themselves in those roles. She is grateful that mentorship can connect younger women with seasoned professionals to show them that their goals are possible.

“So what’s unique about Pass the Torch for Women is that it seeks to truly meet women wherever they are in their personal journeys,” Amna said. “I have benefited from the one on one mentoring with seasoned professionals and having access to a network of women who are from diverse industries, as well as having a peer group of Developing Professionals who I can form these authentic, long lasting relationships with.”

How Would a Mentee Fund Help? 

While mentorship and networking opportunities can be invaluable, they are only part of the battle for young women developing their careers. There are bigger challenges that are hard to battle alone: financial challenges. When in need, many mentees reach out to Pass the Torch expressing their personal financial struggles. We decided it was time to build a fund to act as a formal safety net for those women.

Pass Your Torch and Donate

Our need-based mentee fund won’t be possible without the support of donors. Through our fundraiser with Todah, no one has to donate more than $350 for the mentee fund to become a reality. Any amount you can give, whether it’s $2 or $100, will help us provide a stronger support system for our mentees.This is your chance to pass the torch to women! Donate here and start making a difference in the lives of women navigating their careers. We are grateful for your support.