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Mentee Spotlight: Margarita Rodriguez

Life is filled with unexpected hurdles and problems– many of which are linked to financial burdens. These hurdles can be hard to deal with if you do not have a safety net of savings or family members who can support you. Many of the mentees involved in Pass the Torch for Women are first generation college students, single moms, and new members of the workforce. What happens if a mentee’s car breaks down and she can’t get to work or school? What if a mentee starts a new job and needs to pay for professional clothes? How can mentees prioritize professional development when faced with financial road-blocks that stand in their way?

Pass the Torch for Women Foundation is establishing a need-based fund to help provide a safety net for mentees and allow them to stay focused on their goals. As we raise money, we are also featuring one mentee per week to show you the kinds of inspiring women this mentee fund would help support.

Margarita Rodriguez, also called Maggie, is this week’s mentee feature. Maggie is a nursing student at Ivy Tech Community College, and a Project Grow student. When she graduates from Ivy Tech, she will be an RN and will be able to work for a nearby hospital. Her ambitions don’t stop there– she plans to also attend a four-year college to get a Bachelor’s Degree, as well as eventually earning a Master’s Degree in nonprofit work.

The Benefits of Mentorship

Maggie is the first member of her family to attend college, so she is having to navigate her schooling and career without family members being able to guide her. In addition to being a student, she is a mother and has a job. In her own words, Maggie has to “do it all” in order to be successful in all her roles in life. Without a support system, her many responsibilities could seem too overwhelming.

Pass the Torch for Women has not only helped provide Maggie with support, but she has also learned valuable skills about networking through her time at Project Grow. “Being a mentee has empowered me in several different ways– mostly with the networking part,” she said. “Attending the modules has taught me some things that I didn’t quite know before such as learning how to introduce myself more professionally, how to come up with an elevator pitch, and how to talk about what I’m passionate about without rambling on.”

Pass Your Torch

We need your help to make the need-based mentee fund a reality. Through our Todah campaign, no donor needs to give more than $350 for our goal to be met. Whether you can donate $3 or $300, your donation will make a big impact.