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Mentee Spotlight: LaPorsche Jymi

Balancing the many financial and personal responsibilities of being a young woman in the workforce is hard no matter what. When you’re a mother, it’s even harder. And when you’re an entrepreneur who is running a business, it’s even harder than that. LaPorsche Jymi has first-hand experience balancing all of those roles. 

Meet the Mentee

LaPorsche Jymi is a Project Grow graduate who is transitioning into the Developing Professional Community. She is a mother with a full time job, and also the CEO of H&H, a social enterprise that makes custom satin-lined baseball caps and teaches girls to sew.

When LaPorsche started her company, she had no entrepreneurial experience and no support system to help her through hard times. “It was hard– very hard sometimes,” she said about starting her business. But through her participation in Project Grow and her involvement in Ivy Tech, she was able to find the support she needed to help her reach her goals. 

How Mentorship has Impacted Her

LaPorsche’s involvement in Pass the Torch for Women allowed her to gain many mentors– whether she was formally matched with them or not. Her formal mentor provided her with legal advice and suggestions to help her when growing her business. As someone with no prior business experience, this was invaluable to LaPorsche. LaPorsche also found friendship and support through the other relationships she built within Pass the Torch.

“Thanks to Ivy Tech and organizations like Pass the Torch for Women and Dress for Success, and thanks to Samantha, Erica, Amanda, and Deb, I finally have the support system I needed for so long,” she said. “And it’s not just great for myself. My kids also have people that they can admire and depend on as well.” 

How Would a Mentee Fund Help? 

What happens when ambitious, young professionals like LaPorsche are given amazing opportunities to advance their careers and their education? What happens if they have to miss work in order to take advantage of those opportunities? Who will pay the bills?

LaPorsche also has first-hand experience with this struggle. Through Ivy Tech, she has been given the opportunity to travel to Portugal with Ivy tech professors and staff. While this is certainly a once in a lifetime opportunity, it’s not an easy one. She will have to take three weeks off of work to go, which will take a toll on the finances of her and her family.

Pass the Torch for Women is raising money for a need-based mentee fund that would support mentees with dilemmas like LaPorsche’s. When in need, many mentees reach out to Pass the Torch expressing their personal financial struggles. We decided it was time to build a fund to act as a formal safety net for those women. Whether they are offered professional opportunities, or are experiencing unexpected financial needs such as car repairs or medical expenses– we want to help. 

Pass Your Torch and Donate

Our need-based mentee fund won’t be possible without the support of donors. Through our fundraiser with Todah, no one has to donate more than $350 for the mentee fund to become a reality. Any amount you can give, whether it’s $2 or $100, will help us provide a stronger support system for our mentees.This is your chance to pass the torch to women! Donate here and start making a difference in the lives of women navigating their careers. We are grateful for your support.