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Mentee Spotlight: Kristin Dulaney

While mentors are often thought of as the ones providing the advice and guidance in a mentorship relationship, mentees can also be a huge source of inspiration. They all have unique stories to tell about overcoming the odds, figuring out their careers, and progressing despite roadblocks. One of the biggest roadblocks for young professionals is having to address financial needs while balancing the pursuit of their career. It’s hard to dedicate time to professional development and networking when you have a child at home, or when you have medical bills to pay.

We’re going to help mentees by providing them with a safety net– a need-based mentee fund– to get them through hard times and allow them to stay focused on their career. We are raising money for the fund for the next seven weeks, and honoring mentees by featuring one of their stories each week. 
This week we are sharing Kristin Dulaney’s story.

Meet the Mentee

Kristin Dulaney is a Developing Professional in the Pass the Torch Network, and works as a paralegal. She is also a mother in a blended family with three children. She understands the struggles of juggling being a parent and being at the forefront of your career– money and time need to be allotted carefully.

Kristin doesn’t let her challenges stop her from having ambitious dreams for her career. Her overarching goal is to “be an agent of positive change at the systemic level in the state of Indiana.” She hopes to get there by making the most of her time with Pass the Torch, saying “yes” to professional development opportunities, and making an impact in the workplace. 

How Mentorship has Impacted Her

When asked about how being involved with Pass the Torch has empowered her, Kristin was adamant that her mentorship experiences have directly reflected her performance at work.

“Being able to have consistent and customized mentorship throughout the different seasons of my career has been phenomenal,” she said. “From relationship building to career planning to building my confidence, I really see the impact of Pass the Torch mentorship on my everyday actions in the workplace.”

How Would a Mentee Fund Help? 

While mentorship and networking opportunities can be invaluable, they are only part of the battle for young women developing their careers. There are bigger challenges that are hard to battle alone: financial challenges. When in need, many mentees reach out to Pass the Torch expressing their personal financial struggles. We decided it was time to build a fund to act as a formal safety net for those women.

Kristin agrees that a mentee fund would be incredible for mentees like her: “I think a fund like this would be really impactful because it would mean that if an opportunity came up for professional development or networking, I know that I could say “yes” without having to be concerned about compromising my family’s financial wellbeing.”

Pass Your Torch and Donate

Our need-based mentee fund won’t be possible without the support of donors. Through our fundraiser with Todah, no one has to donate more than $350 for the mentee fund to become a reality. Any amount you can give, whether it’s $2 or $100, will help us provide a stronger support system for our mentees.This is your chance to pass the torch to women! Donate here and start making a difference in the lives of women navigating their careers. We are grateful for your support.