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Pass the Torch Day Recap: Thank You!

On Tuesday we celebrated Pass the Torch Day, celebrating five years of the Pass the Torch for Women Foundation. Thank you to everyone who participated by sharing why you pass the torch for women on social media.

We had a great response on social media, and we were excited to read all the inspiring reasons why you are dedicated to passing the torch for women. It’s encouraging to know how many people are passionate about our mission.  

“It’s important for me to pass the torch because I know that not all people have the same privilege I do. I can share that privilege through my experience, through activism, and through mentoring.”

“I pass the torch for my daughter’s success!”

“Life is a relay race. And as we run that race, it is our responsibility to pass along our knowledge, our wisdom, our life lessons, and most importantly, the criticality of being your true, authentic self to the next generation. And we do that by recognizing the fire that we possess within us.”

NextGear Capital celebrating by wearing purple!
Ivy Tech Community College staff wearing purple!
  • NextGear Capital
  • Purple Ink LLC
  • Ivy Tech Community College
  • Business Furniture LLC
  • 1001 Watts
  • Netlogx

Even though Pass the Torch Day is over, we are still more dedicated than ever to empowering women to pursue leadership positions and accomplish their career goals. And we have an opportunity for you to directly help us work towards this!

We just launched a 60-day fundraising campaign with a goal of raising $50,000. This campaign will allow Pass the Torch for Women Foundation to increase its impact in supporting women across the nation. Proceeds will be used for a need-based mentee fund that will ensure mentees have a strong foundation of support for their personal, professional, and basic needs.

We want to empower women to pursue their professional goals without being held back or stressed about their financial needs. To donate, visit our Todah donation page here.

Todah is a new method of fundraising where every donor selects a single number, anywhere between $1 and $350. Even just donating one or two dollars makes a huge impact.

  1. Go to our fundraising page HERE
  2. Read about our campaign, and click “Donate Now”
  3. Select the donation range that is appropriate for you
  4. Select any donation value that has not yet been chosen
  5. In the “Tell us your story” area, let us know why you pass the torch for women!
  6. Fill out your payment information and submit.

If you decide to donate, thank you so much for your contribution! Stay tuned to hear more about the need-based mentee fund, and how your donation will make an impact.