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Save the Date: Pass the Torch Day

June 18 is Pass the Torch Day– a day celebrating the establishment of Pass the Torch for Women Foundation. Since its creation in 2014, PTTFW has served over 300 college students, 100 Developing Professionals and over 100 500 Circle member mentors.

In anticipation of Pass the Torch Day, we are asking you to share why you think it’s important to pass the torch for women. So your daughter can have equal opportunities? So women don’t feel belittled in the workplace? So the number of male and female business leaders will become more equal? Share your thoughts in a video or social media post on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Then follow the steps below to be entered into a giveaway to win an Amazon gift card. 3 winners will be selected on June 18.

  • Share your video or post on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook
  • Use the hashtags #PassTorch4Women and #PTTDay
  • Follow us on your chosen social media accounts
  • Tag a friend so they can participate as well.

Then, to help support our dedication to passing the torch, we invite you to participate in a week of giving launched on the same day. We hope to increase our impact by raising $50,000 for a need-based mentee fund. This fund will ensure that our mentees have a strong foundation of support for their personal, professional, and basic needs.

Stay tuned for more updates about Pass the Torch Day, and be sure to check back on June 18th to participate in the fundraising campaign.

Watch CEO Deb Hallberg share why she passes her torch!