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Meet the Board- Mary Beth Oakes

What made you decide to become a part of Pass the Torch for Women Foundation?

I love the mission of the Pass the Torch for Women Foundation. Throughout my lifetime, I have been blessed with incredible mentors, from my Mom to my husband, and many, many other amazing individuals that have touched my life during my journey so far.  PTTFWF provides me with an opportunity to pay it forward, and to share my experiences.  I hope I can make a difference in someone else’s journey.

What are some personal values that have governed your career and led you to where you are today?

I value people and relationships.  As the poet Maya Angelou wrote, “People will forget what you say and do, but people will always remember how you made them feel.”  That quote has always made so much sense to me, and I find it to be true every day.

What are some ways in which you hope to achieve impact with the Foundation?

I would love to reach out to as many potential mentors as possible, so we can continue to grow the 500 Circle, and it’s impact.

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