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Anna Briggs – 500 Circle Spotlight

Why did you decide to join the 500 Circle? 

After attending a few events with Pass The Torch, I could tell that there were some phenomenal leaders involved. Being new to Indy, I viewed the 500 Circle as an opportunity to connect with other like-minded executives who desire to be positive change agents. The 500 Circle provides two meaningful ways for me to get involved in the community: 1) As a mentor to students and young professionals 2) As a continual learner who values the opportunity to grow and be challenged by other effective leaders.

What was one positive outcome that you did not anticipate as a result of your involvement in the mentoring community?

This may be a common response, but I learn more from mentoring others than my mentees could ever learn from me. It provides a unique opportunity to reflect on how and why I am where I am.

What would be your advice for individuals hoping to facilitate a mentoring relationship?

You always have something to offer regardless of your place in life or your career. It doesn’t matter how you got where you are or what your position is. We all need to expand our reach and understanding of others’ circumstances. Mentoring is a great way to start the process of understanding and helping others who have stories that are unlike our own. You will be surprised how much you’ll learn about yourself along the way. 

To learn more about our 500 Circle community and how to join, click here.