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NextGear Capital – Partner Highlight

Betty Lonis, Senior HR Leader, Financial Solutions

Why has NextGear Capital chosen to partner with Pass the Torch for Women Foundation for the last few years, as it relates to leadership development and mentorship?  

We have a strong culture of development within our organization.  Our Women With Drive group is focused on supporting the development and advancement of professional women at all levels.  These interests seem to pair nicely with the mission of Pass the Torch for Women Foundation. 

What outcomes have you seen as a result of the partnership in years past? 

We have several team members who have participated in the Developing Professionals group as well as the 500 Circle.  Our team members have experienced professional and personal growth as a result of their involvement and through mentoring opportunities.

What are you most looking forward to as a company, with regards to the partnership, in 2019?  

We’re excited to partner with Pass the Torch for Women Foundation in launching a customized badge program for our developing professionals.  We believe this program will provide our team members with a unique development and mentoring opportunity.  We’re also proud to sponsor Pass the Torch for Women Foundation as it aligns nicely with our mission to invest in and grow our female team members.

How are you engaging all levels of employees within the company to take part in the Pass the Torch for Women community?  

We’ve opened the opportunity to join the Developing Professionals group, to become a mentee or mentor to our Women With Drive members. In addition, we’ve asked all Women With Drive members to self-nominate to participate in the customized badge program. 

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