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Dress For Success – Partner Highlight

1.    Why has Dress for Success chosen to partner with Pass the Torch for Women Foundation for the last few years?

The mission of Dress for Success is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire, and development tools to help women thrive in work and in life. This mission perfectly aligns with the Pass The Torch For Women’s vision of a world where women are equally represented in all levels of business and government. The female college students that participate in the Pass The Torch Project Grow Program receive executive mentoring and professional development trainings, and then when they are preparing to interview for jobs, they can receive their attire at Dress for Success.

2.    What outcomes have you seen as a result of the partnership in years past?

Dress For Success Indianapolis served over 1,500 local women last year, providing them with the tools needed to gain employment and to guide them to higher paying positions. This is a priceless gift to herself, her family, and the community. Pass The Torch For Women has severed hundreds of local students, who have had access to professional interview attire and job search assistance. Ultimately these women will advance into leadership, and eventually there will be equal gender representation in business.

3.     What are you most looking forward to as a organization, with regards to the partnership, in 2019?

2019 marks the 20th anniversary of Dress For Success Indianapolis and there will be many engaging and inspiring events throughout the year. Once Pass The Torch Project Grow students complete the program and are in the workforce, they are encouraged to join the Dress For Success Professional Women’s Group for networking and to propel them into leadership. Professional Women’s Group members are also able to participate in the Pass The Torch For Women executive mentoring program. The partnership beautifully blends different services to guide local women towards employment and economic independence.

4.    How are you engaging your Dress for Success network to take part in the Pass the Torch for Women community? 

Pass The Torch For Women Foundation offers outstanding open houses throughout the year, with topics to help local women gain knowledge about professionalism in the workplace and information on how to advance into leadership positions. These open houses are excellent opportunities for the Dress For Success Professional Women’s Group members to expand their network and to develop their leadership skills. Dress For Success offers a home for Project Grow Students who need career and job placement services with access to ongoing trainings.

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