You are currently viewing Join Us In Launching The “PTTFWGratitudeProject”!

Join Us In Launching The “PTTFWGratitudeProject”!


What is “gratitude”? Why does it matter?

 “Gratitude” is defined as the quality of being thankful and possessing a desire to return kindness and appreciation to others, and psychology shows that possessing an attitude of gratitude can be linked to more positive emotions, fewer sick days at work, less stress, higher job satisfaction and so much more. At PTTFW we strive to empower other women to become ambassadors of their community and inspire generations of women to come. The “PTTFW Gratitude Project” will take course over the month of November in which women and girls are encouraged to submit art, prose, videos, music, lists, etc that encompass the idea of promoting gratitude and empowering other women. Some submission examples include:

  • Poster of all things you are grateful for
  • Song or video that allows you to artistically express your appreciation for community, mentorship, women, etc
  • Poem, personal essay, short story, etc that demonstrates how gratitude has affected your life for the better
  • Drawing, painting, sculpture, etc.

Click HERE to submit!


Get Creative! All submissions will be posted on our blog so this is a great opportunity to showcase your creativity! At the end of the challenge, we will be selecting a couple of winners to win a few of the prizes mentioned below. Through doing this, we will promote our vision of supporting other women and hopefully expand our network of empowering individuals. In our first official expression of gratitude, we would like to take the time to thank our generous local prize sponsors, which include:

Tinker Coffee Company

Prize: 2x bags of Tinker Coffee, 1x Tinker Coffee ACME mug ($45-$50 value)

Twitter: @TinkerCoffeeCo


B. Happy Peanut Butter

Prize: deliciously handcrafted peanut butter ($7.99 retail value)

Twitter: @bhappypbutter

Sunday Afternoon Housewife

Prize: “Women Supporting Women” Tee ($30 value)

Twitter: @sundayftrnoonhw


Passion Planner

Prize: Rose Gold Planner ($35 value)

Twitter: @passion_planner

If you’re interested in becoming a prize sponsor, please email us at or mail us using the address below:

Pass The Torch For Women Foundation

350 Massachusetts Avenue Suite 300

Indianapolis, IN 46204