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April 23, 2018
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Pass The Torch For Women Acrostic Poem – Jeanine Highbaugh

Pass The Torch For Women Acrostic Poem – Jeanine Highbaugh

Jeanine Highbaugh, shares an acrostic poem that she wrote about the Pass The Torch For Women Foundation. Jeanine is a recent graduate of the Project Grow program at Ivy Tech.


Pass the Torch for Women
Acrostic Poem    By: Jeanine Highbaugh


P – Praising All Women

A – Aspiring All Women

S – Social Events Outside of Meetings

S – “Samantha Burke is Awesome!”


T – Thinking Out Loud

H – Helping Women

E – Educating Women with Helpful Tips


T – Time Management for Meetings

O – Overcoming Obstacles

R – Respecting Other Women

C – Creating Visions for the Future

H – Having Love for One Another


F – Friendship with Other Women

O – Only Living for the Moment

R – Realizing your Purpose in Life


W – Winning While Achieving Goals

O – Opinions Matter

M – Mentors for Women

E – Exploring Every Women Dreams

N – Networking with all Women from Different Backgrounds



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