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Get to Know Project Grow Student – Zoe Talman

Get to Know Project Grow Student – Zoe Talman

“Until the soul is self approved, what counts the approval of the world?” – Horace Traubel


Institution: IUPUI Post-baccaleureate Research Education Program (IPREP)
Zoe will also be attending Louisiana State University at their Health Sciences Center in New Orleans in the fall, as a graduate student in the Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics program.
Major: Neuroscience, doing research in Pharmacology 
Accomplishments: Designed, performed, and presented research on Parkinson’s disease. 

The Impact Project Grow Has Had on You: Project Grow gave me the chance to pick the brains of other women who have succeeded in their career goals. It was inspiring to have a mentor that had been through her own DhD program, and she made me feel reassured about how to navigate my future in grad school. Project Grow also connected me with a group of women in the same stage of life, and it was a relief to find that we shared similar thoughts and worries about how to approach life as a woman in today’s society. My own goals for future research are unconventional, but the women at Project Grow supported me, and I felt confident in my future.” -Zoe Talman

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