Get to Know Project Grow Student – Lillian Wright
March 7, 2018
Get to Know Project Grow Student – Veronica Malocha
March 19, 2018
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Get to Know Project Grow Student – Morgan Wells

Get to Know Project Grow Student – Morgan Wells

“Begin each day with a grateful heart.


Institution: Indiana University-Bloomington
Major: International Studies BA
Accomplishments: I have had the great opportunity to work for the City of Bloomington in the Office of the Mayor since August 2016, and I am proud to continue my career in public service with the city after graduation in May 2018. 
The Impact Project Grow Has Had on You:  “Through both my paired mentorships and our classes, Project Grow has taught me to be confident in who I am and to use my background not as a hindrance, but as an asset in professional settings. It has been an amazing experience to see strong women supporting one another, and it has given me the drive to pass the torch to other young women who need to hear that they are supported.” -Morgan Wells

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  1. Morgan Wells says:

    Thank you for the feature! My experience in Project Grow was even more than I had imagined! Thank you all for your amazing work.